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Finance Services
Finance Services

Education Funding

School Board Financial Statements

?Charitable Donations

  • Does the Board have a Charitable Donation registration number??Yes.
  • Does the Board issue donation receipts for tax purposes??Yes, in accordance?with?Board Policy and Procedure #129.0, Donations?and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.
  • What is the minimum donation amount to qualify for a donation receipt??The minimum amount for which the Board will issue a donation receipt for is $20.00.? For donations received through School Cash Online a donation receipt will be issued for any amount.
  • Does the Board accept donations of used vehicles??Yes, in accordance with?Board Policy and Procedure #129.0, Donations.?Please contact?Finance?Services prior to donation at?ext. 2013.
  • Does the Board accept third party donations??No.

The Board does not accept donations of used stationary?exercise?equipment, electrical items, appliances, electronics, computer software or computer equipment.

Contact Information:?Finance Services, ext. 2013.


  • All purchases made with fundraising funds must follow Board Policy and Procedure #676, and Purchasing Procedure #160.
  • A fundraising plan approved by the Principal must be created each school year and the plan should align with the school improvement plan (SIP).
  • If fundraising for a playground, please be aware that a playground with a cost greater than $10,000 is considered a Tangible Capital Asset (TCA) per Ministry of Education guidelines. The Board must adhere to specific reporting requirements for TCA.? Please contact Finance Services for guidance and support in these situations.?

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