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Human Rights Commissioner's Office HRCO
Human Rights Commissioner's Office

The Human Rights Commissioner’s Office (HRCO) is the Board’s arms-length office for
Human Rights Code compliance under its Human Rights Policy.?In addition, the HRCO responsibilities include:
  • Providing guidance and education on human rights and accessibility issues
  • Monitoring compliance and accessibility issues as required under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Board’s Accessibility Policy
  • Managing and investigating human rights complaints
  • Assisting with early resolution and dispute resolution
  • Providing information and support in addressing human rights complaints
  • Consulting and providing guidance on employment and educational equity plans
  • Advising?upon?request for?French Immersion education in support of educational equity
  • Advising the Board on its strategic goals in all areas toward fostering a culture free of harassment and discrimination
  • Developing and coordinating plans, policies and procedures related to human rights
The HRCO supports all members of the York Region District School Board community who have questions or concerns related to discrimination and harassment.

Our two key goals are:
  1. To act upon complaints promptly, fairly, judiciously and with confidentiality; and
  2. To support preventative actions through education and training for building a respectful working and?inclusive?learning environment
In advancing education in human rights and equity, the HRCO also collaborates with Inclusive Schools and Community Services in developing and conducting training to all Board employees.


  • Human Rights Policy
    • Under its?Human Rights Policy, the Board recognizes that education about human rights, and the development of working and learning cultures that value diversity and inclusion and foster respect are key to preventing discrimination and harassment.

      The policy only applies to areas of discrimination and harassment under?the prohibited grounds of discrimination set out in the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  • Ontario Human Rights Code
    • ?The Board’s Human Rights policy aligns with the Human Rights Code, a provincial law that gives everybody equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in specific social areas:

      1. Jobs
      2. Housing
      3. Services
      4. Facilities
      5. Contracts or agreements
      The?goal of the Code is to prevent discrimination and harassment based on the 17?Protected?Grounds of Discrimination.

      All other Ontario laws must agree with the Code. ?
      This means that you must comply with the?Code?before other laws, unless there is a specific exception.? An allegation of discrimination or harassment must be based on at least one Code ground and take place within a social area to be protected.

      To learn more, please read the?
      Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination policy. ?

  • Video Resources
  • YRDSB Policies Comparison
    • ?

      ?Policy ?Title ?Purpose
      ?Policy #240 ?Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination? ?To address allegatio?ns of code based discrim?ination or harassment.
      ?Policy #250 ?Violence Prevention and Interventions and Non?-Code Workplace Related Harassment - Employees ?To address incidents of non-code harassment or violence directed toward ?staff members.
      ?Policy #242 ?Standards of Conduct ?To address allegations of behaviour by a staff member or member of school community that violates professional standards, statutory law, or Board policies and expectations.
      ?Policy #668 ?Caring and Safe Schools ?To address allegations of inappropriate conduct by a student.
      Trustee Code of Conduct ?Trustee Code of Conduct ?To address allegations of inappropriate behaviour by a trustee.
      ?Policy #267 ?Supporting Community Concerns ?To address community concerns not appropriately addressed by other Board policies.

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