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Special Education
Special Education

?"We recognize all learners as our learners and work together?to ensure the discovery of potential each and every day."


All students in our schools, regardless of background or ability, will have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to live up to their full potential. Our classrooms and staff will assist them in growing into capable, caring, responsible and active citizens. We are committed to providing the most appropriate educational opportunities for all students. For students with special needs we are committed to:
  • providing programs and services wherever possible in home schools;
  • providing a range of placement options;
  • providing a focus on inclusive practices in our schools as an integral part of school culture;
  • believing all students can learn;
  • developing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) which focus on improved student learning;
  • providing appropriate accommodations and modifications as required;
  • developing learning communities that promote respect for differences, diversity and inclusivity;
  • recognizing, valuing and validating all children;
  • inviting and supporting students to be active participants in all aspects of school activity; and
  • creating environments for all staff, students, parents and other partners to focus on shared understandings of common goals.?
To support students our Student Services Department provides:
  • extensive resource staff to support the development of quality programs and provision of services for exceptional pupils;
  • support for transitions (i.e. preschool, elementary, secondary, post secondary, work, community, class-class, activity-activity);
  • ongoing professional development for staff in current teaching strategies and methodologies
  • collaborative planning between special education resource and regular staff;
  • establishing and sustaining community partnerships; and
  • ongoing evaluation of special education services;

For more information, please refer to?these YRDSB?Guides for?Parents and Board Policy and Procedures:

Or visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website for Special Education????????????.?

You can also speak with your school's principal for more information.?

Contact Us

For further information on Special Education Advisory Committee meetings, please contact Board and Trustee Services, extension 2262.?

If you would like more Information about the Special Education Advisory Committee or special education programs and services in York Region, please call the following personnel:?

Superintendent of Student? Services

Kate Diakiw at:
(416) 969-7170 or
(905) 727-0022, Ext. 3236?

Superintendent of Curriculum & Instructional Services

Heather Sears at:
(416) 969-7170 or
(905) 727-0022, Ext. 3419
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